Monday, July 10, 2006

Congrats Cate and Gary

july8 028a
[Daddy Gary and Leah]

Introducing....Leah Gita Skolnik (I hope I got it right!) This summer has been so busy I just got to meet her this weekend and she is already 4 weeks old! She is a cutie pa-tootie! Congratulations Cate and Gary!

july8 002a
[Aunt Melelani and Leah]

Our dear, dear friend Denise is recovering from having a heart attack last week. That was a scary phone call!!! She seems to be doing well and, as always, was in good spirits. I am SO, SO thankful that she is ok!! Andrew and I have asked Denise to help officiate our wedding. Please send her your good thoughts and blessings for a full recovery and many more years of good health. We love you Denise!
july8 008a

Here is Andrew testing Melelani's new bike.
july8 034a


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Oh, I love love love these photos! Thank you for posting them - I cannot wait to see everyone!!!