Monday, July 10, 2006


[ via Stephen Seward Photography,]

Andrew and I have talked a lot over the last couple months about how and if we wanted our friends to "work" for our wedding (i.e. go above and beyond simply helping us with ordinary preparations). Our friend Cate (proud momma of Leah) is a photographer, our friend Steph makes cakes, and our friend Jeff has a jazz band. While it is tempting to ask all of our friends for their services to save money, Andrew and I decided we didn't want to make our friends "work" on our wedding day. We want them to be there to celebrate and relax just like the rest of our family and friends.

So today we hired a photographer. His name is Stephen Seward. I found him through the Wedding Photojournalists Association. He won a third place award for one of his photos. Check out his portfolio and/or his blog.


Anonymous said...

I like your philosophy. What's most important is what you and Andrew agree is important. Good/bad - right/wrong is not the issue. Its your day and do what makes you both happy.

Hey, can I bring my conga drums?

Sarah V. said...


I looked at the website for your photographer, and he looks really fantastic. In my photography courses in college we actually had a few lectures on some photographers that are members of that association when we were studying portraits- the pictures are so much more personal and totally worth the money. Hopefully I don't ruin any by shaking my groove thing in the background.