Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Order of Events

Wednesday 7 pm - a right turning SuperCell makes its way toward St. Louis. I'm in my car on my way to meditation.....and I know something is not right when the car stars to shake in the wind.

july24 016

Wednesday 9:30 pm - Traffic signals out, multiple trees in the street, trees on houses, trees everywhere.... No power at the house. Tomato cages at an angle. A balmy 80 degrees for sleeping....

july24 014

Thursday 6:30 am - still no power, call friend Aileen, she has power!!! drop off Kula.... get ready for work; leave the cat lots of water.

Thursday 5:30 pm - a warm 120 outside, about 81 on the first floor, probably in the 90s upstairs. Cat is hiding in basement. Back to Aileen's for AC!!

Friday 11:00 am - head to airport....another storm! Parking garage no power.... Flight delayed, delayed, delayed. Finally on plane and circling over Newark....circling, circling....nothing landing in greater NYC area because of another f-ing storm!!! We are headed to Cleveland.

Friday 7:00 pm - back on plane with supposed "new crew" to fly us.

Friday 8:00 pm - wait a second....same flight crew... sorry we are "timed out" can't legally take off and fly you to Newark.

Friday 9:00 pm - one agent at service counter....lots and lots of angry, tired passengers.

Friday 10:00 pm - Holiday Inn Express....very smokey room

Saturday 9:00 am - check back in at airport

Saturday 2:00 pm - finally taking off!!!!

Saturday 4:00 pm - Finally landed in Newark!!!!

Sunday 4:00 pm - 24 hours after arriving... heading back home.

july24 025a

The time I was actually in Newark was very nice. CJ and Deb were wonderful hosts and Adam and Kelly have a very beautiful baby with really big eyes!! This is what I made for her.

july24 031

july24 034

I started it on Wednesday when I still had power and finished it at Aileen's when I didn't have power. My first stuffed toy ever. Inspired by this, this and this.

I'm glad to be home....

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