Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Orchids, Morocco, and how birds will save the world

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Just focused on other things I guess.

I finished sewing the top and bottom of my quilt. Now comes the basting and the hand-quilting. It will have to wait until next weekend because things are too busy at the moment.

Tonight I go to a Cornell Club function (Cornell University is my alma mater) with my friend Denice. It's a talk by Dr. John Fitzpatrick, the Director of the Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell (where I used to work in college). He is speaking on "How Birds Will Save the World-Biodiversity Conservation in the Internet Age". I miss Cornell, I miss the Lab of O, and I miss talking about science so I'm looking forward to the evening. Denice has worked with birds in the past too so I figured she would be interested in going. It's our "girl's geeking out" night.

Friday night is dinner at John and Leigh's to see Leigh's pictures from her recent 2 week trip to Morocco!

Saturday is a house warming party at my friend Moose's new place and then Andrew's brother Matt and his girl Elena show up for a visit.

Sunday we will show Matt and Elena the town. Probably the Botanical Garden for the Orchid show.

Monday, more hanging out with Matt and Elena.

Tuesday is Maha Shivaratri so I will be at the Perry's house to celebrate.

And finally Wednesday is my 2 year anniversary with Andrew. (=+ honey...)

So, as you can see....busy, busy. With guests in the house my "studio" is basically out of commission. I'll have to switch off the quilt and back on to the knitting project.

Don't forget that tonight is the Season 4 premiere of America's Next Top Model!!

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