Monday, March 14, 2005

Louis Kahn

[via; Esherick House - Chestnut Hill, PA]

We watched the documentary My Architect this evening and it was really spectacular. It was made by the illegitimate son of the famous architect Louis Kahn. I must admit that I didn't know a thing about Kahn before I watched this movie. I had heard good reviews and I have always had an interest in architecture so I thought it would be fun to watch. It's a great film and a very interesting story.

My favorite part though was the end. The director travels to India and Bangladesh to see two of his father's greatest buildings. At each building he spoke to an architect from that country about the building and his father. Both architects commented about this man as if he were enlightened.

The man from India described Kahn as a guru and he believed that Kahn died because he had reached the point of enlightenment. The man from Bangladesh described Kahn as a man full of love, that Kahn had love for everyone. This struck me as another trait of someone who has attained enlightenment. The depth of emotion that both of these men had for Kahn was very touching. It made his story all that more intriguing to me since I have my own guru and I have great respect for anyone who has come close to attaining that level of spirituality.

I don't know if Louis Kahn was enlightened but he definitely had a spirit that touched many people's lives and he created some very beautiful buildings. What a great way to spend a Monday evening.

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Peg said...

His work reminds me of Carol Bishop's house in Ithaca. Do you remember it?

Sara said...

Was she the woman with the two standard poodles?

Peg said...

Yes, she had poodles.

desen said...

Je pense est Louis Kahn est un architecte é est génie.