Friday, March 11, 2005


I can not concentrate today. So distracted. Andrew says my Dad's nickname for me.... "Cyclone" is very fitting for how I am behaving today.

So torn between career change and living arrangement change (to buy house or not buy house). Which one to change....? Wanting both... feeling like I can only pick one.

I've mentioned Jen Gray here before but the other day she wrote a FABULOUS poem that sums up my feelings. Sometimes it creeps me Jen shares a brain with me! must go read it.

I found a couple new blogs today. Buzzville [via Wee Wonderfuls] and Crazy for Fiber [via A Bird in the Hand].

Kelly of Buzzville got my attention because she also mentioned the Craft Corner Deathmatch (although it sounds like it isn't very good..) AND because her About page mentions that she was once a scientist AND an interior designer! My dream! So I sent her a long, probably overly personal email begging for her advice and guidance about how she transitioned to interior design. I hope I wasn't scary....and I hope she tells me about her story.

Gerrie of Crazy for Fiber is the mom of 2 crafty daughters... Lisa and Steph. The reason Gerrie caught my attention is that she is also a Cornell Alumni!! Just like me!! I might write her an email too....asking for advice on how she had such a long and varied career; questions on quilt making; and what she misses most about Cornell.

Andrew and I are going to go see Sideways tonight. I hope it takes my mind off things.

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