Thursday, March 10, 2005

Happy 2 years and 1 day sweetie...


2 years jr. high
4 years high school
4 years college etc. friendship
6 years post college friendship
1 year of dating between NYC and St. Louis
1 year of living together in a crappy suburban apartment
Lots of love and happiness =)

I think 2005 is gonna be a big year for us. We've been doing a lot of talking, arguing, thinking, dreaming and planning about a house many months now. I think this is the year we will take the plunge. A BIG and SCARY commitment but also a FUN and EXCITING new chapter to add to our long history together.

I can barely get through each day as I count down to when you will actually let me go and look at a house! I'm so focused on May 1st!! When I read Andrea's blog the other day it reminded me that I need to stay focused on the moment so I don't lose 2 months of my life waiting for something in the future. I know the next few months will be nerve racking and challenging (as your tummy proved this evening...) but I hope we can enjoy this time and relish in the excitment and anticipation instead of letting the fear get he better of us.

Love you... XXOO =+

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