Monday, March 07, 2005

I spy a very expensive quilting machine!

I hate when Flickr is having a massage! It is no fun posting to the blog without pictures. HoHum....

Amy Karol posted another one of her quilts this morning. Apparently she is going to make Monday Quilt day. I really like this one, much more than the first one she posted. I must say though that I am quite jealous that she has access to a Gammill. I mean just doesn't seem fair that she can probably quilt a queen size blanket in an hour and it may take me weeks to do it by hand....maybe months! I have no idea really since I've never done it...but obviously the machine would be faster.

I was trying to get a feel for what Gammills cost...and this one on eBay is going for around $7800!!! Isn't that insane! I must do some research and see if there is a store or a club around here who rent time on a Gammill. That would be ideal. I have so many ideas for quilts but I'm daunted by the thought of how long it will take to make each one.

My sister-in-law asked me this morning if I would be interested in making quilts for my nieces. I've thought about this before but never felt like I had a good idea for a pattern. She had a great idea that she got from her friend Kim. An "I Spy" quilt where each block is a different object or character and you can play I Spy with the kids on the quilt. She is gonna look for some fabric for the objects and send it to me and then I'll fill in the rest. I'm totally excited but I just hope it doesn't take me forever to do the quilting.

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chasmyn said...

I so hope you post photos of it when you make it, it sounds wonderful!